Freewheelin’ Community Bikes connects youth with skills for life over a shared passion for the bicycle. We envision a stronger, healthier, more connected city.

​One bike, One youth, One relationship at a time… ​we are transforming Indianapolis into a city where bikes provide access to better lives.

Core Beliefs

Freewheelin’ believes in:
  • The worth and gifts of each person to enrich the world
  • Bicycling as accessible transportation for recreation, employment, and healthy living;
  • The importance of positive youth/adult mentorship;
  • Empowering youth as leaders who give back to their communities;
  • Lifelong learning, resiliency and persistence;
  • Positive neighborhood and community connections;
  • Making bicycling accessible and affordable; and,
  • Being welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and incomes.

Our Staff

Alison Cole

Executive Director
Alison has over 30-years of experience in community and workforce development working for a variety of public and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to the empowerment of families and communities. Before stepping into her current role, Alison served on Freewheelin’s Board of Directors. Her perspective from both sides has given her a vision to pursue a healthy, successful future for Freewheelin’ and the Indianapolis community.

Elle Roberts

Director of Program Management
Elle graduated from IUPUI in 2015 with a degree in Anthropology, an experience that shaped her life and understanding of community and culture. An Indianapolis native, Elle grew to love the city and discover the beauty it held. Her interest in cycling as a commuter led her to the doors of Freewheelin’ and she never looked back. After volunteering with the organization for almost two years, Elle is now bringing her enthusiasm, loyalty, and empathy to the programs that serve the Mapleton-Fall Creek community and beyond.

Bill Rowe

Director of Retail Operations
Bill brings more than 20 years of bicycle industry experience to the Freewheelin’ community bikes team. A life-long mountain biker and BMX enthusiast, Bill has experience in all areas of a bike shop from service to sales. Bill is both PBMA and Bosch certified, and is excited to be able to introduce our youth to the wonderful machine known as the bicycle!

Tyre’k Swanigan

YEET Program Coordinator
Tyre’k was an apprentice for Freewheelin’ Community Bikes in 2016 and is thrilled to be returning to Freewheelin’ as the Youth Education and Employment Training (YEET) Coordinator. He is super excited to be working with the youth. Tyrek is currently enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College (Tsap program) and is studying social work. Tyrek will be attending IUPUI next year to obtain his Bachelor’s Social work Degree and Master Social Work Degree. Tyrek had experience in Behavior support, youth employment and professional development. Outside of work, Tyrek loves reading and cooking.

Charis Lott

Retail Services
Charis is currently enrolled at Marian University as a psychology major with a minor in criminal justice. She has lived in Indy her whole life and, graduated as the first female black apron in 2015. Charis has since then worked in various bike shops continuing to develop her skills. In 2019 she signed onto the Marian cycling team as the first ever collegiate student mechanic in the nation. She has developed her skills as a mechanic working with the community for over 6 years and continues to do so. Charis loves to be in her community working to improve it one bicycle at a time.

Quinn Semsprott

Bike Mechanic
Quinn completed Freewheelin’s Earn a Bike in 2015 and continued developing his skills through Open Shop programming. Soon after he applied for and became a Freehweelin’ Apprentice. Quinn worked diligently to increase his skills and ultimately was hired to be a Mechanic in our Retail Shop. As a valued member of our staff, Quinn contributes to continuously improving our workflow and our customers experience. 

Julian Acosta

Bicycle Training Coordinator

Having been bike courier for 3 years, Julian is excited to add a unique perspective to the Freewheelin’ Community Bikes team, with his hard-earned, off-the-cuff wisdom about all things bike mechanics and his hardcore road-safety experience.  Julian isn’t the most conventional choice as Bicycle Training Coordinator, but who better to plan and lead our community rides than someone who breathes in the city air every morning with his coffee and feels the heartbeat of the streets every time he clips into his fixed geared bike. When Julian isn’t tinkering around the back shop of Freewheelin’ or certifiably crushing it on his fixie on the streets of downtown Indy, you’ll be sure to find him setting speed records on his road bike.

Our Board of Directors

Chuck Okenfuss
Board Chair

Susan Kessler
Vice Chair

Eric McNamar

John Mead

Robert Karnak

Kodi Akins

Miles Johnson

Helen Colby

Mary Dicken

James Malone