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Freewheelin’ Community Bikes connects youth with skills for life over a shared passion for the bicycle. We envision a stronger, healthier, more connected city.

One bike, One youth, One relationship at a time… we are transforming Indianapolis into a city where bikes provide access to better lives.

2020 Annual Report

Core Beliefs

Freewheelin’ believes in:

  • The worth and gifts of each person to enrich the world
  • Bicycling as accessible transportation for recreation, employment, and healthy living;
  • The importance of positive youth/adult mentorship;
  • Empowering youth as leaders who give back to their communities;
  • Lifelong learning, resiliency and persistence;
  • Positive neighborhood and community connections;
  • Making bicycling accessible and affordable; and,
  • Being welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and incomes.

Board of Directors

John Mead Board Chair
Susan Kessler Vice Chair
Eric McNamar Secretary
Kodi Akins Treasurer
Robert Karnak
Chuck Okenfuss 
Miles Johnson
Mary Dicken
James Malone